Google’s 3 Easy Tips for Uncovering Technical Issues

In a recent blog post, Google offered three valuable tips for website owners to easily identify and address technical SEO issues that might be hindering their search engine rankings.

For many website owners, the technical aspects of SEO can seem daunting and complex. However, Google’s latest guidance aims to demystify the process and empower website owners with actionable steps to improve their online visibility.


Google Reveals 3 Simple Techniques to Identify Technical Flaws

Google's 3 Easy Tips for technical issues
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1. Check Page Indexing and Indexability

The first step involves ensuring that your website’s pages are indexed and accessible to search engines. Google recommends utilizing the “Coverage” report within Google Search Console (GSC) to identify any crawl errors or warnings preventing pages from being indexed. Additionally, you can use the “URL Inspection” tool to analyze individual URLs and verify their indexability.

2. Identify Duplicate Content and Canonicalization

Duplicate content can negatively impact your SEO performance. Google advises utilizing GSC’s “Index Coverage” report to identify potential duplicate content issues. By verifying the “canonical” tags on your pages, you can specify which version of the content search engines should prioritize for indexing and ranking.

3. Analyze Rendered HTML for Code-Related Issues

Rendering issues within your website’s code can hinder search engines from properly understanding and indexing your content. Google suggests utilizing the “URL Inspection” tool to render live versions of your pages and identify any code errors or missing elements affecting search engine visibility.

By proactively addressing these technical SEO issues, website owners can ensure their content is properly indexed and displayed by search engines, leading to improved organic search visibility and website traffic. The simplicity of Google’s suggestions makes them accessible even to individuals with limited technical expertise, empowering them to take ownership of their SEO strategy.

Moving Forward

While these three tips provide a solid foundation for identifying technical SEO issues, Google encourages website owners to continuously monitor their website’s performance and consult additional resources for ongoing optimization. By staying informed and implementing effective strategies, website owners can ensure their online presence thrives in the ever-evolving SEO landscape.


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